Főoldal Meditáció Sikermágia

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Our present society consists of people who live a not balanced life. This is because the mind is distracted, and with mind like this man doesn't see the right way of behavior, action and thinking. The thinking of a person with distracted mind is flustered, the behavior is disorganized the action is not effective. Vedic knowledge ensures us the technique of meditation, which gives us the possibility of a life which is worth living.

During meditation certain of mantra techniques are used to calm down the mind. These mantras should come from a teacher of the Masters of Vedic Tradition who is well versed in vedic science. After a certain of time of practice of meditation, the calmed mind can reflect the truth of life. With the realization of the truth of life everybody can live an enlightened live without bondages. This is how a simple mantra can help you to evolve a life in which a person can be a perfect harmonious member of the society.

A society with harmonious people is a harmonious society. Everybody should remember, that the next step in human evolution should be to calm down the mind with meditation. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gave us a meditation technique which can be the base of the harmony and contentment of people and can be the base of a harmonious and contented society. Only a satisfied person is ready to live in harmony with the others.

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